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Spa-Like Healthy Shower Head

Spa-Like Healthy Shower Head

Spa-Like Healthy Shower Head

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✪ Three shower modes: Rainfall, Massage and Jetting

✪ Uses laser perforated technology to save water and maximise pressure

✪ Made from Stainless Steel and Eco-Friendly ABS material

✪ Very easy to install

✪ Size: 80x210mm /3.15x8.27inch

✪ Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks (UK) 

How our premium Shower Head works?

Water in the pipes can contain added chemicals like chlorine to kill parasites and viruses. However, this can cause the water to sometimes have higher acidity due to the alteration of the pH levels. As a result, this can negatively impact the purity of the water.

Thus, our Shower Head strongly absorbs the water residues like chlorine, metal elements, harmful bacteria and other contaminants that may not be fully filtered by the water systems, leaving water in the purest form for better health benefits.

The Shower Head Filter:

Available Colours:

Three Shower Modes:

Improves Water Pressure:

Easy To Install And Clean:

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